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The state of everything.

It's been a while hasn't it?

It has been somewhat difficult, a lot of things happened which I never really thought would happen and it's hit my creative output a lot.

I'm not really going to go into details on what's been going on but let's just say this past month has been very emotional.

So, firstly Timelines. as an effect of what I stated above, volume 2 of timelines is still a work in progress, I'm about 3000 words away from having it completed. But I'm going to hold off on its release until I've completed volume 3 and do a double release.

Secondly, A Way Home and LSL. Both of these have been put on hold while I complete another project, they will be done but I'm unsure as to when they'll be done. LSL would be relatively quick to complete (like 6 months) because when I put it on hold it was in a fully playable state. A Way Home on the other hand will probably need to be looked at and I may need to get some people on board to help with the art side of things since the project is pretty big for one person to do.

Thirdly, this website. As you may be able to see I'm currently in the process of customising this website and setting it up correctly. This is going to be an on going thing for a while, while I setup the site to the way that I want it.

Finally, TBG. This is the new project which I'm putting most of my effort into. Much like LSL, TBG is a work in progress title for this project (Though I already have the full title set and ready to announce). I'm hoping that next month I'll be able to announce the full title and showcase a bit of gameplay, along with detailing some other plans I have for this project.

I apologise for the wall of text.

If you want to keep up with my current works and general postings then you can follow my twitter @MrLParker.

I'll catch you in my next post.