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Silent Devil Room

A soundless puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 37, available to download over here on itch.io.


At this point I was working on the initial version of A Way Home (current shelved while I clear more pressing projects) and coupled with the need to prototype one of the initial mechanics I decided the puzzle/node mechanic would be the way to go with this. What made this better was that the theme was 'One Room' which played pretty well into how I wanted this game to play.


The choice of having zero sounds/music within the game I feel was more down to issues that had came up during the weekend that I made this on.


This didn't take much on the coding side of the implementation, the gameplay generally consisted of the following:

  • Player input and movement.
  • Game progression (re-randomising node activation order)
  • Start and end code.

The most difficult part at that point was more doing the modelling and the textures for the game, mainly because I didn't have much experience in either of them.


Luke Parker

Author, Game and Software Developer, somewhat of an idiot, also somewhat lovable. The rest I'll leave you to decide on that.

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Silent Devil Room
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